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Meet the ecosystem of partners that helps us ensure that Rocket.Chat is the best match for your organization. Learn here how to become a reseller!

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Illumination Macguff
Lockheed Martin
Noris Network
DB Systel GmbH
The World Bank
onShore Security
The SHM Foundation
Universität Bielefeld
U.S Naval Research Laboratory
Grupo Voalle


From installation and configuration to the development of features, bots and integrations, Technology Partners act as Rocket.Chat reseller experts to ensure Rocket.Chat fits your company needs.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Licensed partners that have their own operating system platform and use Rocket.Chat’s Self-Managed Enterprise license to improve their offer to end customers.

Value Added Distributor

Strategically selected partners that will help our customers to
digitally accelerate business goals

Institutional Partners

Companies that support our open source
ecosystem to continue evolving.

Thiago Bertoletti

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"We began to work with Rocket.Chat in 2018 to complement our digital solutions offering with a collaborative and omni-channel communication platform. The breadth of functionality, product quality and, above all, ease and flexibility to integrate with other applications were decisive factors for us to develop a strategic partnership with Rocket.Chat."

Thiago Bertoletti, CEO and Founder at Vortigo

Paul Levy

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"RocketChat is constantly innovating and expanding their own 3rd Party integrations. By integrating with RocketChat we're providing our clients with an expansive ecosystem of communication functionality in a solid environment that has proven itself over many years. The RocketChat technical staff is the best we've worked with in embracing innovation."

Paul Levy, CEO and Founder at ArtificialChat Inc. NYC

Luzia Mendes

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"Before we tried Rocket.Chat we were using phones and messages. It was right for some time, but soon it felt deprecated. We tried out many chat tools, but none of them seemed to please the team. Until Rocket.Chat! Rocket was quickly deployed and embraced. We didn\'t find any major complications. It is easy to use, and it feels like we\'re all in the same room. It enabled us to allow home office, which made the team so happy. Because of its mobile app,we can also be productive from anywhere."

Luzia Mendes, Business Consulting and Copywriter at InterOP

Dmitrii Mokhov

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have to say

"Working together with Rocket.Chat, Unicomm has opened new directions for business development and has made major changes in its business development strategy. Through the efforts of two teams, we help our customers become more technological. The speed and safety of interaction between employees of our clients companies became the main areas of Unicomm work. The API capabilities of the system are striking and in our opinion have no analogues in similar systems. Thanks to the Rocket.Chat team!"

Dmitrii Mokhov, CEO at UniComm