Productivity starts by downsizing the number of tools you use

Say hello to an easy-to-use communication tool for small and medium businesses to connect teams and customers. For all industries and nationalities, Rocket.Chat fits perfectly with high-performing businesses.

People chatting in the team collaboration platform Rocket.Chat, with icons around the outside representing different integrations

For small and medium businesses, Rocket.Chat is ready
to simplify the collaboration of your workforce:

Keep information at hand for your team, customers and stakeholders
Share files and documents regardless of extensions or formats
Communicate safely with customers using end-to-end encryption
Save your chat history forever and never worry about missing data

Rocket.Chat is the ideal platform for growing businesses as it’s designed to perfectly scale according to your needs. This means you don’t have to worry about future projects and demands interfering on your budget.

Screen showing possible integrations with different apps work within Rocket.Chat

Here you also:

  • Become more agile by centralizing your whole operation;
  • Keep all your chat history saved and save time managing information;
  • Talk with your teammates and external customers in the same place;
  • Have the best Slack alternative in the segment.

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Jan Jacobs, Groep B.V

"To help our company communicate better, I implemented RC. I onboarded everyone in 24 hours, and they use it as an internal communications tool, but with COVID-19 spreading, they also invited external users. Everyone is very enthusiastic about it!"

Jan Jacobs, Groep B.V