What is Rocket.Chat?

The communication hub trusted by thousands of companies in over 150 countries

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Boosted by the potential of an open source community, Rocket.Chat has become a powerful communication platform, able to bring infinite tools and people together.

Rocket.Chat provides the architecture for uniting all forms of communications in a single place, regardless of the user’s device or the diverse messaging services they are using. By leveraging the collective brainpower of our user base through open source, Rocket.Chat is one company in a small group of ever-growing open source companies that is capable of evolving alongside users’ needs.

The federated approach of Rocket.Chat’s servers and integrations of other services means that there are truly no barriers to cross-team communication, regardless of how a team’s service is hosted. Rocket.Chat has advanced a platform that empowers people to collaborate with others while simultaneously empowering individual teams to fully customize their platform to meet their unique needs.

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We are trusted by thousands of companies across 150 countries

Illumination Macguff
Lockheed Martin
Noris Network
DB Systel GmbH
The World Bank
onShore Security
The SHM Foundation
Universität Bielefeld
U.S Naval Research Laboratory
Grupo Voalle

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Rocket.Chat has also won multiple prizes such as the 2016 Bossie Award for Best Open Source Application and first place in the 2017 edition of All Things Open’s Startup Competition. In 2020, the startup earned its highest-ever ranking on Capterra’s Top 20 Remote Work & Livechat Software and the Constellation' ShortList™ for Enterprise Group Messaging.

Seamless Adaptability
For All Kinds of Companies

From military and other government applications to the most innovative startups,
Rocket.Chat offers complete solutions for multiple business needs.

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What is Rocket.Chat?

Secure communication starts by downsizing the
number of tools you use. Rocket.Chat connects
your team with customers, suppliers and partners.
Centralize all the communication of your projects,
avoid missing information and make sure your
team works better.

Mike Schwartz

See what customers have to say

“Thanks to Rocket.Chat, we figured out how to deliver and win customers without sending engineers on site. The Omnichannel Feature enables us to provide enterprise-level support, a huge differentiator to win more business”

Mike Schwartz, CEO & Founder at Gluu

Alessandro Huber

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“It seems crazy to imagine the long email threads we had before Rocket.Chat. Thanks to the platform, we increased our efficiency by 70%. They became our partner for agile communication and quicker results”

Alessandro Huber, IT Supervisor at KingHost

Marcus Schopen

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“As open source software, Rocket.Chat lets us operate an instant messaging service with flexibility and in compliance with our IT security and European data protection regulations. The authentication of users via SAML integrates Rocket.Chat seamlessly into our central Single-Sign-On (SSO). Moreover, the availability of professional support from their vendor was the perfect mix for a stable and secure service.”

Marcus Schopen, IT Leader at University of Bielefield

Oliver Jägle

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“I learned with Rocket.Chat how to embrace open source all the way. The product works flawlessly and the support is excellent. We’re getting a very good service from them.”

Oliver Jägle, Software Developer at DB Systel

Jonathan Liss

See what customers have to say

“Rocket.Chat has enabled our company to more than double its Marketplace subscription revenue, proving to be a great retention tool. Its alerts and notifications are so responsive that if you’re out for like five minutes you get an email, mobile push notification, or desktop notification. Some of our users just hang out in these rooms all day.”

Jonathan Liss, Product Manager at Seeking Alpha Marketplace