Causes we support

We offer special rates to people who do good things around the world. Get to know the causes we support!

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Eligible Organizations for Concession

Want to know if your organization is eligible to receive discounted rates? Check out the list below:

Non-Governmental Organizations

  • The organization must not discriminate by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other kind;
  • Organizations that are not included: private foundations, government offices, legislative or political organizations, organizations that aim to influence public opinion, churches or other types of religious association.

Open-source and developer communities

  • Ability to demonstrate and share with us an open-source project on a public repository with more than 5 contributors on, Github, Bitbucket or another globally accessible website that is live on the usual FOSS dev platforms;
  • Ability to demonstrate that a thriving developers’ community is being fostered, with more than 10 active members, through public meet-ups or a web-based platform e.g. community website.