Real-time collaboration
boosts DevOps team

Rocket.Chat empowers your DevOps team to execute and
monitor their workflows, collaborate and access data any time
they need it, all in one productivity-amplifying full-lifecycle

Blue block with colored icons simulating other integrations available on Rocket.Chat platform such as AWS, Atlassian, GitHub, Asana, Trello, and more

Simplify DevOps with
custom workflows

DevOps team members, QA and developers can stay connected
and collaborate in real-time at every stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

Automated ChatOps/Chatbot support plus customized integrations powers in-chat workflow execution, monitoring, and management. Data alerts bring relevant progress information, issues and exceptions, reports, and analysis to your team just when they need them.

Two blocks that simulate the DevOps model with a custom workflow
Screen that simulates the integration process of other applications within Rocket.Chat

Stay on top of your
DevOps workflows

  • Admin using the marketplace and adding apps;
  • Developer channels with custom alerts updating, such as in
    the screenshots provided on the bottom of this email;
  • Team discussing about one alert.
Screen that simulates the integration process of other applications within Rocket.Chat

Security and Privacy

Control and own your data. Choose where to store your
information, who has access to your server and which access level the
user has. Audit conversations, use end-to-end encryption and
seamlessly integrate Rocket.Chat through LDAP with your internal systems.

Team collaborating and chatting using E2E encryption on Rocket.ChatTeam collaborating and chatting using E2E encryption on Rocket.Chat


Explore a world of possibilities with open source.
Rocket.Chat offers a marketplace that is constantly
improving with apps that can be built by the
community, powerful APIs, webhooks, LDAP Group
Sync, and much more.

Integrate the platform with your project
management, version control and monitoring
systems. Everything you need in one place.
Speed processes for continuous delivery.

Check some of the
key DevOps related apps:

Communication <br>and Collaboration

and Collaboration

Communication and collaboration
are key to developing a team’s efficiency. Bring together workflows and responsibilities of development and operations by leveraging free audio and video conferencing, unlimited users and guests access, file sharing, threads and discussions, custom emojis, LiveChat and other multi-channel integrations, 2FA, E2E encryption, SSO, dozens of OAuth providers. Rocket.Chat also allows companies to talk to other organizations by using federation protocols to interconnect the servers.



Install Rocket.Chat locally into a connected or air-gapped environment or easily deploy Rocket.Chat into our Cloud. Explore having total control of the platform, customize the UX/UI as you prefer by leveraging a full set of white-label branding feature options, ranging from basic color switching to full CSS control.



No matter the size of your business, Rocket.Chat can scale to millions of users. Workspaces can be deployed in multiple instances forming a cluster, allowing hundreds of active users. For large enterprises and communities, looking for high availability and scalability without compromising infrastructure capacity, there is also the Microservices feature, offered to licensed enterprise workspaces, enabling thousands of active users in the platform.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Use Rocket.Chat to integrate your developer operation tools and streamline processes by using the same tool for team collaboration and communication. Use the platform to monitor alerts, for war room and status updates.

  • Communication
    and Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Continuous Delivery

Why are we the best
choice for your team?

Powered by an engaged community of thousands of developers, Rocket.Chat is constantly improving, including cutting edge features for all organization sizes and industries. Pull requests of all types are analysed, improved and merged to the source code on a monthly basis. Here you will find high security, innovation and flexibility. Built in JavaScript

We are the fastest growing open source
communication project in github.

Why are we the best
choice for your team?

  • Choose Hosting: Self-managed or SaaS

  • Unlimited Integrations: Webhooks, Apps, Rest and Real time APIs;

  • Customize: Whitelabel;

  • Unlimited users

  • Secure: E2E, LDAP, Audit Panel, 2FA;

  • Control: Custom user permissions;

  • Bring your ecosystem: Teams, Customers, Partners and Suppliers;

  • Anywhere: Web, Desktop and Mobile.


We are trusted over a thousand
companies across 150 countries

Illumination Macguff
Lockheed Martin
Noris Network
DB Systel GmbH
The World Bank
onShore Security
The SHM Foundation
Universität Bielefeld
U.S Naval Research Laboratory
Grupo Voalle

Key steps to try Rocket.Chat


Deploy your workplace on a self-managed
workspace or use our SaaS


Bring your developer team


Install devops related apps from
our marketplace


Add custom integrations
with other software you already use.


Collaborate with your team to accomplish a
full dev cycle


Scale and bring other
organization members!

Improve your team
with the right tools